A New Broadcast Medium

Advertising Ring Back Tones (A-Tones) is a new broadcast medium that enables marketers to run short adverts on mobile phones. A-Tones are 6-12 second audio files superimposed over the standard ring back tone of the called party.

Everyday billions of seconds of broadcast space is going to waste globally...

The mobile advertising market is growing rapidly with revenues heading towards multi-billion dollar levels.

New Broadcast medium

How does it work?

Sue on the left calls mike on the right. Sue will expect to hear a standard ringing tone but instead she will hear a superimposed short advert lasting 6-12 secs.

How the new broadcast medium works
How the new broadcast medium works
How the new broadcast medium works

What is Unique About A-Tones?

  • A-Tones is a cost-effective and focused broadcast medium with exceptional reach.
  • The results from all A-Tones campaigns are measurable, offering great ROI
  • A-Tones is a captive and entertaining advertising medium
Whats Unique about a-tones

The A-Tones Platform

How to book your campaign in 5 easy steps

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Reports Dashboard

Detailed reports on campaign ROI

Receive detailed reports on how your campaign is performing, through an extensive reporting platform enabling you to see from spendature to opt-in amounts.

A-Tones Reporting